Tourist areas in Manhattan are generally safe, and the city has experienced a dramatic drop in its crime rate in recent years. Still, crime is a national problem, and U.S. urban areas tend to be less safe than those in Europe or Japan. You should always stay alert, use common sense, and trust your instincts. If you feel youre in an unsafe area or situation, you probably are and should leave as quickly as possible.

General Safety Suggestions 

Leave your valuables at home if you can live without them. 

Dont display expensive cameras or flashy jewelry as you walk around the city. If you are using a map, consult it as discreetly as possible, with one eye on whats going on around you at all times.

Remember that hotels are open to the public, and in a large hotel, security may not be able to screen everyone entering. 

Always lock your room door--dont assume that once inside your hotel you are automatically safe and no longer need to keep an eye on your valuables or be aware of your surroundings.

Avoid deserted areas, especially at night, and dont go into public parks at night unless theres a concert or similar occasion that will attract a crowd.