There are people who find exercise excruciating, and to them message is no better than misery. To them Spa is but another stereotype and results are not just up to the expectations. It is for them, anew bunch of New York Spa have come up with fabulous treatments with indigenous ingredients and techniques. This, it is much like an adventure to soak in a beauty treatment from an unknown part of the world.

Many Spas have dual character. This is because; they have amazing authentic Spa like set up. Wooden work, traditional massage boards, soothing music and balmy aromatic air are some of the expected characteristics. But when it comes to treatments, they prefer using western products. Though the massage techniques may have ethnic root but there are apprehensions regarding original products. It is not only Spa service providers but some clients who shy away from experimenting with such products. But then there are those who complain about the absence of the absolute Spa experience. Even though they do not have any qualms about the results, most of the times they receive great results. But they cannot help but ruminate about not having what they call as genuine Spa.

No longer have the same, some of the renowned Spas located in the city taken up the cue. They have introduced services with local products which they procure from various pockets of the world especially known for Spa treatments. Here it is a big ‘No’ to cosmetic products. So do not be amazed if the itinerary suggests products like exfoliation with emerald and pearl powder, Dead Sea mud wrap, acupuncture message, aroma oils from the farthest lands. However some names like coca leaf, Tahitian black pearl and Cedar may sound familiar. But one needs to have absolute fait in the service provider to try some something as unique as fynbos exfoliation from South Africa. Often such products are not only great beauty secrets but are also very relaxing. Add to this the perfection with which the treatments are performed and it has the potential to turn even a non-believe into a diehard fan of Spa treatments.

On the part of the customers, being well informed so as to detect any gimmick is vital. While some established names would never compromise with the quality of services, there are others who look for alternatives. On a note of warning, using indigenous products which do not meet the quality standards may produce poor results. In extreme cases they can also pose health problems. The traditional beauty treatments are very effective. But there is a need to use the best ingredients. The service provider should have detail knowledge about these products. A complete idea about which products suit the various skin and type and expected results will help in a better choice.

Hydro therapy consists of major part of spa treatment. Since ancient times, it is believed that water has therapeutic power. It is best exerted with various bathing treatments. Soaking into milk, sea mud, extracts from sea weed and various aroma oils in combination of water is an effective detox.

Ideal Spa treatments must have positive effects on the mind as much as on the body.

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